Preserving Your Special Times


Video Tape  to DVD

All Video Tape deteriorates with age.  Your special times and  Precious memories you  captured on  VHS video tape or other media is doing a disappearing act  as  each day goes by .  The sooner you transfer your video collection to  timeless  DVD, the better your chances of having your special times  in good shape  for years to come.  If you purchased your video camera in 1982 and used it for movies of your childred  that is 26 years ago.  There is no better time than now to transfer you special times .  We monitor each transfer to make sure it is transferring correctly.  We use media that is printable and print  a two color label on the DVD at no charge if  full color is desired  pictures printed on the disk  etc.. an extra charge is applied of .50 each disk.



VHS, VHS-C, Beta, 8mm, Hi- 8mm, Digital 8, MiniDV, Memory Chips

Video to DVD   up to  two (2) hours , main menu and two color  title printed on the DVD includes slimline case.

$24.95  for two (2) hours    Discount  for more than 10 tapes  of 2 hours in length each..  Printed  DVD  with choice of  Lettering , Slim line case each

Any amount of minutes up to 60 minutes  is  19.95 includes  title, slimline case.



For ten or more 2 hour tapes  call for details


All the work is done in the making of the master,   copies to give to family members  vary  depending on how many you need please see the DVD duplication rate.



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